Neptune CPT - Geotechnical Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Systems Available from Datem Ltd.

Datem Ltd manufacture two versions of the Neptune CPT system, Neptune 3000 and the Neptune 5000. Both Neptune versions encompass a coiled rod system ensuring that the remains very compact and can be easily deployed.

The Neptune 3000 is a lightweight system which allows for the thrusting of a geotechnical probe (Cone/Pentrometer) up to 10 meters in depth, the unit can be used as far down as 3000 meters and is compatible with both 2cm and 5cm cones (5cm Tip and Sleeve with a 2cm housing) with a maximum thrust capacity of approximately 1000kg.

The Neptune 5000 CPT is a heavy duty version of the 3000 system allowing up to 20m in push depth. The until is designed for thrusting with the larger 5cm or 10cm Digital Cones. The unit can thrust up to a maximum of around 3500kg and has a depth rating of 3000 meters.

Datems Neptune CPT now come complete with Self-Tuning telemetry, this tunes the electronics automatically meaning the operator has no need to open the electronics pods and tune the system manually to different lengths of umbilical cable. The process is complete in just a few seconds.

The Neptune's are controlled using a topside Microsoft Windows based operator PC combined with Datems dedicated Neptune software package. Each Neptune comes complete with the control and acquisition software. The software can communicate with the CPT rig either using RS232 (serial communication) or more commonly, Ethernet (RJ45) as equipped with each laptop and desktop PC. The neptune software provides the operator with a real time data display, the cone data (Tip, Sleeve and Pore) is plotted onto a on-screen graph. Automatic shutoffs are featured within the software, allowing the system to stop thrusting if the pre-defined cone tip limit is reached or exceeded or there is a danger of the cone/rod being bent (exceeding 30 degrees of tilt).



The control and acquisition software for both the Neptune 3000 and Neptune 5000 is now fully Microsoft Vista compatible.


Cone Penetration Test (CPT)